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lia sahara

Lia Sahara is a swimwear brand made from 100% recycled material ethically produced in their Milan, Italy Atelier. They are serious about being an eco-conscious company. Their hi-tech revolutionary recycled eco-friendly PL fabric is made from pre- and post-consumer waste. They apply green manufacturing techniques, they use locally sourced production to reduce carbon footprint, they practice fair & ethical working conditions and systems amongst other sustainable production techniques such as: zero waste, minimal seam construction & creating a multi-functional & multi-use swimwear brand.

Lia Sahara brings a fun new experience to swimwear by adding accessories that can be 'clipped-on' to your bikini or bathing suit. You can add sleeves, ruffles, etc and create so many different looks to your swimsuit!

Not only is Lia Sahara great for women BUT also for the whole family! The same prints for women can be found for girls and boys from 0-12 and also for men!


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