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Born n’ raised in the sunshine state of Florida, a true Miami-ian at heart with a Central American background (precisely from Nicaragua) and having lived and studied in Paris for 5 & exhuberance is inbedded in my blood! I worked for +15 years in-house with some of the most luxurious and prestigiuous brands ( Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Sisley) with a focus in Advertising, PR, Marketing & Events.

Having had my own brand for 4 years I  understand the challenges small, emerging, independent brands incur daily. Focusing on your designs, marketing plans, financials/accounting, packaging, website, shipments, orders, customer service, events, advertising & crm strategies, photoshoots, line sheets, etc .. it becomes a real challenge to focus on whats really important…SALES!

Creating, finding & maintaining relationships with buyers and retailers is complex and a job of its own. Some is pure luck and the other 95% is the HUSTLE!

There is so much great talent that doesn't ever get noticed; be it because of a saturated market or not, there are so many amazing brands & designers that simply don’t get the recognition they deserve. The amount of effort and goodness many of these brands build to create healthy, positive, empowering communities that help give back to society or the environment makes it all the worth-while.

With this same thought process, we try to connect with a variety of buyers (both small & big) which we strive to build relationships, trust and long-lasting business partnerships! We aim to building strong ties with loyal buyers, retailers & boutiques  that we know we can count on for the brands we help represent. All accounts are carefully hand selected as we research their customer profile, price points, locations, product range, etc. in-order to best understand who their customer is and most importantly present them with key brands that will standout & SELL!

MAISON 22 strives to connect the best of the best individually curated emerging brands within the retail space. Brands ranging from resort, swim, home decor, accessories, children's wear to brands made in Latin America, Europe, US. We help small business succeed, concentrating mainly in the US market, but also within other regions (Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, etc.) depending on the brands strategy. We also help retailers connect with new brands that haven't yet been saturated in the market, brands with unique offerings and with special stories that impact our global societies.

Along the way, we propose to every brand we work with new and different opportunities and projects. These may include related events/pop-ups/marketplace shows, photoshoot opps, blogger/influencer strategies, photographer & model recommendations, social media content, account management..amongst other needs.  

We love doing what we love..and we hope to be able to build and grow each and every brand we work with!